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Top 10 Best 2D Game Asset sites
Producing 2D games now have been much easier than before with tools like Unity and help of online 2D Game Asset stores. Below is a list of top 10 2D games asset store you can find online, commercial and free. I hope this will help you realise your game.
1. Unity Asset Store (commercial)
Biggest commercial game assets site. No you don’t have to use the Unity engine to use games assets...

Posted by in Super Game Asset News on Dec 02, 2014 .
Merry christmas everyone! We have released a new set of game icons especially made for crafting and materials requirements in games. It includes health foods, cooking materials, raw minerals, metals, flowers and plants for making herbs! We have got fruits and vegetables that can be used for farming games!

All icons are designed to be consistent and fit general RPG games, you can use the included general bakgrounds or do you own. I have...

Posted by in Super Game Asset News on Aug 24, 2014 .
We have recently moved to a new server, it will help speed up the site more in US and Europe. If you are getting any issues please contact us at [email protected]
As a first on the market Super Game Asset have created an entire new character package, consist of character animations and weapons for the EPIC RPG serie. This unique package is a first in a series of characters with interchangeable weapons, this means weapons designed for a character package can be equipped on and off for any animation of the character. Have a character running with an axe, or doing a magic attack with a sword, not a...

Posted by in Super Game Asset News on Feb 16, 2014 .

We are in the process of preparing new character sprite animations for Epic RPG series. We have the choice of putting the weapons with the characters or seperate weapons and characters so different weapons can be interchanged on to characters! But this of course will require your game engine to support adding on layers of sprite animations on top of another. It is more flexable because you can have different character use different...

Posted by in on Feb 06, 2014 .

There is now a new poll to collect some valuable information from our customers, now you can have your say on which new exciting game asset you would like to us to provide in the coming month. We hope to gather this information to provide a plan and give priority for our future game asset releases.

There are 2 options named "customisable icons" and "customisable buildings" sprites, by this we tend to provide assets that give a bit of...

Posted by in Super Game Asset News on Jan 14, 2014 .

We thank everyone for supporting SGA this year, for a special Christmas release we have added brand new game character assets, including Monsters and unique animations! They can be used for RPG games, casual games, combat games when you need to populate game world with monsters! Browse our character sprites now, be sure to let us know what your thoughts

Posted by in Super Game Asset News on Sep 04, 2013 .

At SGA we are please to announce we will be updating our store with character art assets. We have a variety of rendered characters, NPCs, monsters in different angles and isometric views, we are in the process of organising them in the best way possible to make it easier to use and tailored to game designers and developer needs. 

We like to hear back from our customers what kind of character assets they would like to be available in...