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Male Warrior Weapons

Male Warrior Weapons
Male Warrior Weapons Male Warrior Weapons Male Warrior Weapons
File Format PNG sequence
Animations 24
Frame Size 720x720

Male Warrior Weapons

Male Warrior Weapons (Epic RPG series)

This is a weapon pack for the “Male Warrior” character set, it is designed to match the animations of the male warrior. This pack contains 3 different weapons that can be equipped on to the male warrior character. Each weapon contains 8 different animations and 8 directions per animation.

This character is a part of the Epic RPG series of game assets; it is designed to work well with game assets in the Epic RPG series


Interchangeable weapons


As a first on the market we offer character animations with interchangeable weapons, this means weapons can be equipped on and off for any animation of the character, this is because we have produced weapons with animations that match the character.


For example you can have the character running with a sword or with an axe; all animation frames for the weapon are already aligned and fit exactly to the character, the game engine just need to play back weapon animations layered on top of the characters animation frames.

  • Each animation include 8 directions (N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW)
  • Rendered in high resolution (720x720) ideal for iPad retina display
  • This pack contains 3 weapons (axe, hammer 1, hammer 2)
  • This pack does NOT contain the male character
  • All frames are isometric angle
  • Animation frame resolution match Male Warrior frame resolution
  • Animation frame number match Male Warrior frame number
  • All frames are transparent PNG format can be place on any background
  • Only one direction is shown in preview video here
Note: Please check the frame size screen shot to see actual resolution of weapon sprite, frame size will be larger than the weapon in the frame, that’s because we render the frames to large enough size to accommodate the largest possible movement of the weapon.
Animations Frames Cycle
attack 40 loop
magic attack 30 loop
death 50 no
hurt 57 loop
idle 64 loop
idle attack 19 loop
level up 25 loop
run 20 loop

Each animations contains 8 directions, each direction is contained in the file name. Animation name_direction#_frame# For example attack_0_0005 is attack facing 'north', frame 5
0 = north
1 = north east
2 = east
3 = south east
4 = south
5 = south west
6 = west
7 = north west

File Format PNG sequence
Animations 24
Frame Size 720x720

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- You may use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works based upon all purchased asset
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- Distribution of source files is NOT permitted.

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